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By Costa Rica of travel: his triptychs (poetry) constitutes the third poemario of Jorge Chen Sham. Geographically, the journey of the lyrical subject by a country that invents its people, colors, foods, sensations, affections, fruits and foods, descr..
Either through acid criticism, disappointment or poignancy, each of the stories in this book has the silent cry of supplication. Cry becomes dark hole hidden in the backyards of our homes. Intimate black pearls that consciousness, in the current Cost..
Laughter is a wonderful exercise for the body and for the soul, a product of the tickle that makes us the imagination and the fantasy when we allow ourselves to be children despite our size. In the laughter of each child a star hides. And who does no..
It offers an anthology of the best Spanish flowers for use by children. These will find in this volume: carols, jitanjaphora, riddles, lullabies, among others. It rescues a large part of a treasure that, underpinning oral tradition, was already lost ..
The work consists of a selection of essays mode snapshots of that time. The authors, people or characters that appear in the work lead us to reflect on the origin and destiny of human beings. The author tries to show that the view that man has of him..
For the traditional historiography, the cultural contribution of the medioevo is summarized in having preserved and copied the classic Greek and Latin. Ricardo da Costa shows, on the contrary, that the contribution of the Middle Ages to the Greco-Rom..
A total of 6 volumes including: a treatise on epistemology and computer science, the PhD thesis of the University of Chicago, the book of logic elements and its complement of exercises, the book Computer Society, a careful selection of journalistic a..
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