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Continuity of the Air fills us with a world that possesses everything: childhood, adolescence, maturity. With a clear and simple style, with no filigree or surplus embellishments, with fresh, original and accurate images. It also gives us beautiful, ..
With a series of stories ranging from a Toledo besieged by a sect, the revenge of a gaucho, the terror of the Muscovites before the end of the world and the rebellion of those who already have everything lost; Alexandria appears as the random choice ..
The twenty-three poets of the Greek lyric presented here reveal, with their creation, the richness of their internal and external experiences in a great variety of themes and forms and allow us access to their world, their epoch, their history, their..
This book addresses the issue of gender from three levels of analysis: first discusses the concerns of contemporary literary theory by gender. Later, he takes as his object the specialty of the autobiography, to finally tackle one of the most complex..
This is a novel that delves into the dark world of drug trafficking. The characters in Riberas del Averno are degraded and corrupt people, whose desire is to make a fortune quickly; individuals willing to do anything to enjoy the praise that money pr..
Babelia is a novel inserted in the city of San Jose. It is divided into seven parts ranging in very contrasting scenarios. He spends the mall to cemeteries, to the underworld, hallucination, small family meeting, pure fiction. It can be understood as..
American Indian, xenophobia, identity, love, nature and art are woven into a series of short stories from the ancient and pre-Columbian world...
Respiration of stones is, above all, a search, installed at the intersection of inescapable sensations or experiences: the crossroads between darkness and light, pleasure and pain, love and disenchantment, presence and absence...
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