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This book contains a series of narrations made in teribe language and others in Spanish on the subject of the separation and reunion, after 300 years, of the teribe indigenous group. The book contains a typological outline of the morphosyntax of the ..
Since the emergence of valuable lexicographical Essay on the language of Henri Pittier and Térraba of Carlos Gagini in 1892, had not been published any books on the language of Térraba. This work is the first study writing this from a contemporary li..
Through the analysis of the discourse of individuals of the Malecu people, the book studies the social representations of this indocostarric group regarding the process of displacement of their traditional culture and its implications for the constru..
Updated use of capital letters is based on the Spanish Language Spelling (2010) of the Royal Spanish Academy. It is recommended as a reference work for writers, editors, teachers and students of Spanish, style correctors, journalists and general publ..
Using English Verbs is an intermediate level grammar text for students of English as a second language. It covers verb structures essential to understanding and communicating affectively. The book presents the material through detailed and thorough e..
Este diccionario constituye una recopilación exhaustiva del vocabulario de la lengua malecu (maleku, guatuso), hablada en el cantón de Guatuso de Alajuela, Costa Rica. Es el resultado de un proceso de documentación lingüística llevado a cabo po..
Let’s Listen for 9th Graders contiene seis unidades basadas en los contenidos que el Ministerio de Educación Pública ha considerado para noveno año de colegios académicos públicos. Este material se enfoca en el desarrollo de la destreza auditiva.&nbs..
It is the most voluminous lexical compilation that has been made of Boruca, a Costa Rican language spoken in the southern part of the country. It contains common terms, but also items that are almost forgotten by their speakers...
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