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Let’s Listen for 9th Graders contiene seis unidades basadas en los contenidos que el Ministerio de Educación Pública ha considerado para noveno año de colegios académicos públicos. Este material se enfoca en el desarrollo de la destreza auditiva...
Linguistic-ethnographic Atlas of Costa Rica (ALECORI), a research work that presents, in the form of maps, different characteristics of pronunciation, morphosyntax and, broadly, the lexicon of Costa Rican Spanish, where ethnographic features of the n..
The text Narraciones Borucas compiles a series of stories, legends and stories collected between 1989 and 1993, which are a sample of the narrative and the Boruca language in an effort to continue with the task of rescuing the oral tradition...
This collection of thirty-one songs of entertainment, thematically covering the erotic, agricultural work and appeasement of babies is preceded by an introduction to the traditional literature guatusa and the position within it of the texts in questi..
Textbook and reference for students and teachers of English as a second language and as a foreign language. It contains explanations and exercises on verbal, auxiliary, passive, subjunctive, conditional and problematic verbs...
This work includes the only language study in Costa Rica, so far, on a strip of Mesoamerican origin, chorotega or Mangue, belonging to the family of languages ​​Otomanguean. Includes an analysis of its grammar and editing in dictionary form, all the ..
Several forms of traditional verbal art, their transcriptions and translations, along with illustrations and photographs document the cultural, social, literary and individual imagination and creativity of the oral literature of the Kuna of Panama...
The narrative genre known as "talk about felines" is one of the most important of the guatusa literature. The purpose of this work is to fill, even in a partial way, the lack of this type of literature. According to the conception of the traditional ..
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