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For the general public, this book will be of interest as a method to learn bribri, the Costa Rican indigenous language with the greatest number of speakers; For the specialized one, since the sum of its contents constitutes a general characterization..
It is a textbook for students and teachers of English as a second language. The first part contains various forms of nominal structures and functions. The second part shows coordination, subordination and two different sentence patterns. Although emp..
It is a complete treatise on morphology and syntax of the Spanish language, a reference work for the Spanish teacher of secondary education and text for higher courses: humanities and technical schools...
Esta edición se ha actualizado de acuerdo con los últimos cambios implantados por la Real Academia Española. Los aspectos gramaticales han sido enfocados hacia las técnicas de la redacción y cada tema viene acompañado de un buen número de ejercicios ..
The text Narraciones bocotás is constituted by ten stories bocotás that pick up the oral tradition of that town, which presents a wide thematic variety. These stories are distributed in two great areas: mythological and not mythological...
It is the most voluminous lexical collection that has been made of boruca, a Costa Rican language spoken in the southern part of the country. It contains common terms, of daily use, but also items already almost forgotten by its speakers...
The fraseológico Spanish-Spanish dictionary Bribri Bribri corresponds to one of the objectives of the project "Linguistic research on the languages ​​of Costa Rica and neighboring areas." ..
Book of stories for children, in Spanish and cabécar, which contains five traditional indigenous stories. In addition, they include a glossary, several color illustrations, a map that locates geographically the cabécares, an alphabet and a guide on t..
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