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Shopping Guide to the UCR Virtual Library site

  1. Register a new account by completing the registration form.
  2. Log in using the email and password you entered when you registered your new account.
  3. Select the currency (dollars or colones) to see the prices of all products in the currency you select.
  4. Select the book (s) you want to buy and add them to the shopping cart.
  5. Check the shopping cart. If it contains everything you want, select CHECKOUT.
  6. Select the shipping method.
    Shopping within Costa Rica: Provinces 
    within the GAM (San José, Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago) have different shipping costs than those otside the GAM (Puntarenas, Guanacaste and Limón). You can also choose "Pickup from Store," which has no cost. Items can be retrieved from the store 24 hours after the purchase.

    Purchases outside of Costa Rica: The shipment is made through the Easy Exports system of Correos de Costa Rica. It is a secure system, which arrives directly at the address you indicate. 4 options are offered:
    • Super economic: 22-30 days
    • Economic: 15-22 days
    • Regular: 12-15 days
    • Express (Courier): 8-10 days
  7. Shopping for digital books: When you are buying a digital book, you should always select this option. Do not select it if you are buying books in printed format, as the shipping process will not be billed and the order will not be sent. If you want to buy a digital book, make sure that the book of your choice is available in that format.
  8. Enter your credit card information. This system is very safe: only you and the bank have access to your card information. The UCR Library DOES NOT have access to that information.
  9. Download your digital book
    Within the section "My account" you will find, under "ORDERS" the item "Downloads". You will find there the digital book file that you have acquired. To download, use the button on the right. Remember that you will have three days after the purchase to be able to download your file. The download button will be blocked after the three days have passed. Find the downloaded file in the download folder defined by your browser.

Download the Online Shopping Guide HERE